In a world so vast so many regions, climate, topography, different weather patterns, time zone that it almost seems endless. We have in a similar way so many different variations of people. Although we are one species we have various molecular changes that produces such tremendous variety, in a similar way although the elements are … Continue reading Groups


Looking at all creatures of nature there is commonality of observing and learning, similarly children do the same they observe, tinker with it, play and learn. It inspires children to new heights, observe, practice, learn. Fast forward today they are being dragged from their sleep, stuffing sugar in the morning, wearing the same uniform, travel … Continue reading Brainwash


They start by copying what others do, then they figure out a way to scam others. Born with the gift of malevolence they are able to utilize their strengths against the weakness of others. It is inevitable that they will use whatever means necessary to get their prize, that is lying, cheating, scamming and even … Continue reading Avenge


In the beginning it all looks wonderful and colorful, things appear bright and cheerful but all is not what it seems. Lurking behind the colors and joy is a hidden monster that is about to crash the party. One thing that is common among our current society, it's everything that is growing at a rapid … Continue reading Inflation