Nature with tech


Two kids enjoying sitting on a large buffalo, an animal weighing close to a ton, it’s horns are as big as them, they both using a tablet, while the buffalo continues grazing. The above picture shows how humans have adapted to co-existing with such a large dangerous animal, it also tells us about a hostile past we had with nature.

Domestication of animals started well before the neolithic age, as large animals were used by herders. This process of domestication was done through castration, so only the peaceful docile genes were passed, that’s why we see such a docile version of a large cattle. Invention of the tool ‘plow’ meant that domesticated animals had to work harder and longer, for large cattle this was about working night and day under the harsh weather, plowing for humans. In this case technology was an inhibitor for both humans and animals, because the plow not only made animals stuck in grain plantations but also made humans chained to their work.

For thousands of years the practice of castration and plowing continued, but only after the ‘scientific revolution’ that modern technology consisted of machinery. After the tractor was used, most animal plowing was gone, it freed up the animals and agriculturalist from the drudgery of work. Here the ‘tractor’ was a useful technology because it helped humans do the work efficiently and quickly and freed up animals.

As we appreciate the close bond of humans with such a magnificent beast, enjoying it’s leisure time using the latest gadgets, we also need to remember the brutal past. Domestication and castration of such massive creatures, plow tool used to enslave both animals and humans, a scientific revolution that finally produced a solution. The key is to use the ‘right’ technology, which needs to be discussed and implemented using scientific, rational, and philosophical argument.


Future possibilities


Anytime one looks at global events, hears the news, they are always plastered with terrible things, whether its round-the-clock tv news, online news portals, or in campuses. As people are more focused on the ‘dangers’ of our environment, this gets more attention within each of us, rather than focusing on the tolerant aspects of our world.

That is not to say that we shouldn’t ignore the ‘dangers’ of our environment, however I feel that they are being ‘magnified’ by certain groups in our society. Most people are doing the best that they can to improve the society, environment and the economy; whereas there are those who constantly whine, expecting apes that came out of the Savannah several million years ago to fix things immediately.

As one travels the world, and observe astutely of society, people, and culture they can see hope and optimism in so many areas. It is a wonder that apes out of the jungle have built sophisticated technology, infrastructure, and complex structure that allows anyone to travel all over the world. We are now living in a world, where one can have breakfast in Singapore, have lunch in Dubai, and then have dinner in Paris.

Our ancestors hundreds of years ago could never imagine that people one day will be able to eat their meals in different continents within a day. However, the very luxury that allows us to do such things, is in itself a burden for society, the complex intricate parts are prone to collapse. Such complex structure requires a great deal of energy to maintain and function it properly.

While this access isn’t available for every person on the planet, a quick tour to any mega airport will reveal the answer, the latest data shows more than a billion people have traveled internationally last year.

Where does this lead us, one can only guess as the physicists Michio Kaku, stated that we are seeing the changes of a multicultural society, based on scientific principles, and tolerant people. Obviously there would be a lot of conflict and hesitation by people, but we can also see the evidence of a society that can be the pinnacle of human excellence.

East and West : color


Picture on the left side is of a british celebrity who is well known for her excessive tanning, her skin is so tanned that she looks like an alien. Whereas the picture on the right side is promoting fairer skin tone, to change the color like a chameleon.

Both sides of the atlantic are infatuated with the skin color of one another, they are interested in having a different skin tone. For the british woman, having a darker bronze color makes her standout from the crowd, it makes her look exotic, different from the general population. For someone with dark skin, having a fair complexion means more than just standing out. Due to caste structure in south asia, having a fairer tone ensures they are high on the social class, which comes with it’s ‘benefits’.

It will come as no surprise that most of the color changes are done by women, since signaling attractiveness is inherent. Manipulating their skin tone plays into using beauty as an exchange tool for attracting males. For males, they look for mates that are the most healthy, having a bright glowing skin signals youth and beauty.

However, this culture leads to obsessive disorder for youths, they cause more harm to the body and their natural beauty by altering their given tone; using excess chemicals on the skin is harmful. Tanning in some ways is normal as people can be out soaking under the sun, but too much can scorch the body. Skin whitening with too much chemicals will often bleach the skin, making it look like unnatural, thereby destroying the beauty.

Having these ‘color’ changes in society, will only bring more stress to youths, not only from the culture, media, but also from close members. Rather than trying to change the beauty standards, there should be an appreciation of their own natural beauty.

Little Player


At first glance, he looks like a hobbit from a movie. He has an eerily ‘confidence’ in him, not a physical one, but comfortable with himself. His eyes are dark buttons, one glance at a woman, and she fawns all over him.

Here again, it is a unique situation as it challenges the various narratives regarding selecting mates. The male is much smaller than the female, but by being so uniquely different also makes him stand out. His ability to engage and communicate is far more eloquent than other guys, his technique to socialize cements the date.

The importance of ‘social status’ has been mentioned before, and his hobbit size together with his social skills shows social selection. As women selectively choose mates, standing out in various ways aids in getting chosen. Whether it’s wealth, academic, physical features, communication or being famous all are resources to score a males attractiveness.

He is, very ‘smooth’ with his dealings with women, as if getting into a different character, he instinctively knows the tricks to convince a female, as if manipulating them. Manipulation is a game both sexes play, females manipulate males by their beauty, whereas males manipulate by their resource, in the mating game.

The very thing that makes him so different than others, is his advantage. His ‘hobbit’ size actually compels women to approach him, as women crave novelty to try something different. His social skill enables him to be an excellent talker to close the ‘deal’.

Yoga spirituality


One of things I notice frequently is how devout people have become in practicing yoga, especially among women in the west. It’s not surprising as any society that has removed their own tradition, culture, and values will crave for spirituality.

On the international yoga day, people all over the world have taken part in this ritual. The key difference is yoga can be done by anyone without any affiliation to any spiritual order, there are those who do it for keeping their body fit, whilst others do it to keep their mind focused and relaxed, then there is the practice of spirituality and meditation, as well as learning the values in everyday life.

Practicing yoga has now become a fashion, it is now part of the broader culture in the west to wear yoga pants, show off their hot body, and signal virtue of their devotion. It has become in some aspects by women to showcase their beauty, which signals health and beauty.

Any group that is increasingly becoming materialistic, will be devoid of any social structure. They will crave for spirituality, a routine and meaning, as can be seen in many women from progressive nations. The norms, values, and spirituality from this ancient practice is being widely accepted into the lives of people who crave for it.

This also shows, how people tend to be psychology inclined to be spiritual, it has been an evolutionary trait among humans, to belief in ‘higher’ beings, that is beyond the physical world. Having this belief allows people to plan for the future, to build the future which is unique among any other animals.

Society Stories


A woman in another part of the world, expressing herself by smiling, pleased about the fact that she likes to get beaten, shown from this video.

Obviously there has been uproar from other parts of the world, questioning the premise of how a woman can even say these things. It is basically a cultural shock, without instant communication no one would have seen these events from different parts of the world. Each country, region, continent has different values and customs, where one custom may seem barbaric to others, to the host it’s normal.

People are social animals, customs and norms are in place so that each individual also functions like a group. These norms and customs are the result of stories that people have told. Adding to this dimension is religion, where the rules are enforced due to people’s belief in them. If a religion states to carry out a custom which may seem barbaric, people will carry out the custom, because people, inherently have both good and evil in them.

Looking at it with an objective point of view, the woman appears to be pleased due to being ‘dominated’. Even though this clip will outrage women from the west, they also ache to be dominated, with the popularity of  ‘fifty shades’ novel proves it. Most romantic novels include a wild barbaric man that falls for a delicate woman, where the wild man ravages the woman. Getting beaten, is playing into the psyche of ‘dominance and submission’ play for the woman.

Now, most people living in ‘liberalized’ countries where there are new customs such as human rights, individual freedom, will find the act gross. This brings us back to the issue of ‘free will’ there is no such thing as free will, of course people have innate instincts, but the environment shapes much of human behavior. Human sacrifice cannot be explained with ‘free will’, only because people have been conditioned to accept such a custom that these acts can take place.

It is the stories that people tell, that societies live by, whether those stories are objective or subjective doesn’t matter. As long as people believe in those ‘stories’, and have an innate instinct that validates them they will continue believing.