Sexual energy


One of the most powerful energy in the world, the reason there is joy and violence generally boils down to this potent life force. A force so efficient that people often becomes pathological for it and at the same time gives us wonders.

People earlier in time recognized the sexual spirit and even worshiped deity that represented this act. Societies were organized in such a way that made sexual energy the main focal point of a tribes identity. All the clothes and makeup for dressing were bright and colorful, the dances are in a synergistic rhythm, music that moves the mind and the body, songs and poems follow the rhythmic pattern, all this the result of sexual synergy.

Having this essential vitality enabled humans to ascend to the top of the food chain, it enabled people to develop tools, cross continents, spread across the world, from the hot surface in Sahara to the cold frigid ice in Antarctica. It is the driving force that brings us happiness and sadness, it enables people to either exist in a thriving flourishing environment or in a dark dead place.

Things took a different turn in history with the advent of puritanical religions and cultures, this driving spirit was considered an abomination. Tyrannical ideology arises from those who seek to limit the human spirit, drain its life force, extract all their vigor for life. By constricting this force, the environment becomes a dead place, devoid of any life, dark in it’s outlook and paranoia across its people.

One can look at places across the world where such repressive ideologies take place and then see the violence that arises from those parts of the world and the chaos they bring to humanity. Pathological groups seek to restrict basic human nature just so the perverts can seek pleasure, by creating such a defective structure the society weakens and they get to remain at the helm, whilst witnessing chaos.

It is a powerful magnetism that compels people to act in various ways, but too much power can be corrupt, so it is only for the benefit of society, it’s institutions, culture, and the individual to use this energy in the most beneficial way.


Delusional Image


A delusion that afflicts certain people, and to an extent the culture in large has harsh consequences to society. One of the most comical movement that has come across to our unique species and in parts of the world is called ‘fat acceptance’.

Being coddled and celebrated to being fat is rather a peculiar aspect of human nature and the culture in general. It shows that people are cheering on the grotesque sight of the human body from being out of shape, bulgy that represent a ‘hippo’ rather than a person. So what happens when one women of elephantine proportion goes from a culture that cheers her on to another culture that has a more direct honest opinion, reality slaps them on the face.

It may seem offensive to hear true honest opinions but that is the cold hard truth, and the women does not have the right to not be offended as people have the right to be offensive which is a fundamental aspect of free speech. Now there is nothing more disgusting for a person to see a morbidly obese woman in front of them than it is equally hurtful for the fat woman to hear such comments. In a culture where people aren’t allowed to express their own opinion but ‘accept’ the bizarre as normal, doesn’t solve the problem but rather fuels it.

There are people who come in all shapes and sizes, and they are also scrutinized by their body image, in much the same way a bodybuilder would be judged on by the opinion of others. Any person disregard of their body image has no right not to be offended, in much the same way they have the right to offend any one. Obviously saying ‘hurtful’ remarks to someone that looks like a ‘hippo’ can become quite dangerous but the person has the right to do that, in the same way the ‘fat’ person has the right to defend themselves against such remarks.

Looking at the article above shows the outcome of ‘equality’ when people claim that a ‘hippo’ is to be treated in the same way as any average person by creating a delusion among the cultural narrative. Often times these delusions afflict people who want to change the rules in order to benefit from them, but the rules cannot be changed just so they don’t want to face reality.

Uncivilized Discourse


The intolerance of hearing other ideas is the root to harm, how can one group storm an event that focuses on our freedom to think independently and disrupt the speakers, create chaos for the audience and conspire to have it shut down.

It is a dangerous yet poisonous ideology of the radical marxists that seek to silence the voices of ‘freethinkers’ which compels them to have such hatred towards people who seek to understand reality, the objective truth, tools which allow people to figure out what actually is the rationale approach to life.

As the radicals disrupt events which advocates for ‘free speech’ they don’t realize that they themselves are the fool of the tyrannical structure being played by goons. By shouting ‘fascists’ to the speakers who promote ‘freedom’ by taking away the microphone from them shows that they themselves aren’t open to the idea that other people can think for themselves. Rather they wish people not to think for themselves but have others think for them, they want people to follow a slave morality like them and join their cause to bring upon a dark lifeless dystopian future.

One could expect such tribalism from regions that are a tyranny but to see it happen in countries which were once the beacon of light and although most of its glory is lost they still hold some form of decency to have civilized debate. Having this barbaric behavior truly demonstrates the lunacy of such group identity, the morality they follow, and a fool of the goons that they claim to ‘fight’ for. It’s not at all surprising to me that such intolerance to others occurred in the heart of the city that is the breeding ground of the uncivilized tribe.

They already know that they can’t debate and win an argument with intellectuals so they do what a immature child will do to win the argument. Are they so incompetent with their own ideology that they have no clue to retort coherent arguments that the only way for them is to disrupt an event by shouting. Of course any person who promote free thinking should have the right to defend themselves against tyrannical forces and win the argument intellectually rather than get in the mud with pigs.

Having such large platforms that intellectuals have gained thanks to online presence their ideas are a threat to the ‘establishment’ they offer alternative workable solutions to our current problems. Perhaps the ‘thugs’ are afraid that their message will resonate to the people rather than their dark ‘rivers of death’, and hopefully people can decide whether they want to have uncivilized or civilized discourse.

Revolutionary tech

smart city and wireless communication network

Every time there is a protest for inequality there are genuine issues that needs to be dealt with. Although some of the intentions of the ‘equality’ group are sincere they however lack the structural understanding to deal with the problem.

When looking at protests such as ‘occupy wall st’ they inadvertently were pointing out the failure of the financial system. Due to their ignorance in understanding finance the movement died along with it’s promise to fix the monetary system. The whole basis of the protest was to attack the ‘fat cats’ rather than the blame the network that keeps the cat fat.

At the fall of the financial collapse, staging wages, it showed the utter incompetence of our current monetary system. Until the emergence of blockchain which completely turned the financial sector upside down. This transformation was to be done by computer codes rather than camping in ‘wall st’, it is from ideas rather than protests that revolutions take place. The inefficient monster of the finance sector coupled with such heavy regulations from the state has made commerce only for the few, blockchain is such an innovation that it will provide service to people who are yet to be provided service by the system.

Blockchain is simply an evolution of our current processes, rather than have third party, bureaucratic rules, expensive and slow delays, the whole process can be done by a network of decentralized machines for a fraction of the cost and time. So the common response from the oligarchs is to prevent such new systems to emerge and keep feeding the broken machine which it will eventually break down anyway. Emergence of cryptocurrencies are the way ahead for our future but it will take some time for the masses to adopt and able to use properly.

There have been times when the monetary process was tried to be fixed but it didn’t have the tools that we posses today. Central banks have formed a monopoly of the monetary process and its policies have been disastrous to say the least. It is this fact that most protesters don’t know about and they should be at the forefront for advocating and pushing new technologies rather than defend the hand that keeps shoving them.

Women & Wine


A gorgeous women with her caramel skin and golden hair holding a glass of wine, her vanilla heels on the side while she feels the warm asphalt with her feet as the dry leaves from the tree scatter around her.

It’s not that long ago the tradition of making wine with gorgeous women’s feet was practiced, even today it is being carried out as part of tourism. As the grapes need to be pressed with the precise force and texture, a women’ foot fits the criteria for carrying out this duty. The soft delicate plump toes act as specific pressure for the grapes, the women’s weight not too heavy nor light produces the crushing power while her sensual feet and scent adds to the flavor of the wine.

Holding the wine with her hand, her nail polish dark like the color of the wine, matching the jet black skirt with her sharp contrast from her bright smooth caramel legs. Her vanilla colored heels compliments with her matching upper top engulfing her bright round breasts. Golden hair scattered around like the leaves, her smile convincing the meal is delicious.

Wine is a delicious drink, healthy, but heavy one needs to know their limits if not the drink will take hold of a person like a women and too much of it can become an issue. Exploring the taste is similar to the type of women one has, it differs from the region, the weather, climate and the kind of variety it is.

Glass of wine with it’s color holds the same elegance as a women as they both produce the pleasure and sensation to any person consuming it. Perhaps it’s best to combine the two of them and experience an explosion of the sensual senses.

Proprietary of Nature


Whenever the issue of individual rights, property, and freedom comes up a lot of people tend to not grasp these often basic and natural entities. For them not being able to understand coherently the fundamentals of nature is their source of outrage. It is also through nature that these laws can be clearly seen and using other animals as examples can make things clear.

Most animals have territory, which is basically property. They defend their territory in the most vigorous ways, they maintain and find new places where to start afresh. In essence having territory ensures the natural balance in maintaining the ecology of the land its resources and of the animals.

Whereas in humans we maintain property in various ways from documentation, money, personal identification to signage. It’s not that different with other animals who use a variety of tools to mark their place, take for example a tiger which marks it’s own area by clawing on a tree. Lions take similar actions and spray their scent to let rivals know of his place, many animals also use sound to broadcast to others of their own space.

It is through natures hand that animals and even trees have organized themselves into such structure of having land. Having access to their own area ensures that other animals do not finish of the food supply, the population remains stable, and it provides the environment for rearing offspring. An adaptive behavior for so many species, that saves it’s own genetic legacy by preventing land degradation.

Well before our modern civilization and having legal systems, people from primitive era also maintained their own land, they were ‘owners’ of the land by protecting it from rival tribes, clearly marking and guarding their area ensured food safety and population level. Even though these entities may seem like new invention to people they have been here among us all along, sure the technology and tools have changed but the underlying foundation remains the same.