Street Food

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Out on the open come rain or storm, heat or cold, the food will be there. Working day and night, mixing ingredients left and right to find the perfect flavor. People walking by smelling, looking, feeling the food but can’t help themselves to taste it.

It is a place where the history, culture, flavor of the food represents. No matter which part of the world one goes it is a symbol of the place, it’s simply not only about food but much more than that. A place where people everyday strive to make a living, they innovate, integrate, and produce such incredible dishes that it often becomes a cultural phenomenon.

Depending on each country the delivery of such food differs, whether it’s on a car, a bicycle, a cart, or whatever form one find suitable, the similarity remains it’s out on the ‘open’ raw bare nature. In fact that is what most people crave for not only just the food but the total experience. While there are those who are disgusted by such sight they don’t realize they are consuming the food that had been created from such a place.

Being in such a hostile place, dealing with angry people, traffic, and a million different elements will only make one stronger. It’s a place where there is little margin for error, hence the food will always be consistently tasty, or else the vendor will need to hear the most explicit comments. It is through such sweat and tears, through trial and error, mixing ingredients to find the perfect combination, getting feedback from everyday people that such delicious dishes have been created.

It is on every traveler’s list to taste the street food in the country they visit, this practice has taken a life of it’s own. Such popularity of these places have risen that it has become a tourist attraction. While tourist attraction will no doubt give these vendors a boost some aspect of it could bring out negative effects, such as ‘popularity’ could bring the food quality down.

One will only find such “food experience” from street food, because it is the place where both the combination of harsh reality brings out the most delicious dishes. As this sector grows, it will only bring out the most innovative, creative, authentic delicious food for our future.




A fictional character that has been a cultural meme it has taken a life of it’s own, from the streets of Tokyo to the villages in Mexico. The complete opposite of the hero an anti-hero that has been in the psyche of all who love stories.

Stories need both the hero and the villain whenever the right chemistry exists between the two it is what fascinates our minds, it compels us to know about such an adventure. Now when a villain that is so powerful that it can destroy all life in our whole universe with just a snap of it’s fingers; it both shocks and makes us struck in awe of such power.

Whenever I see youths who line up the whole night just to buy a ticket to see the movie all over the world, it just shows how powerful storytellers are. It is not about the character, it is about the brilliant imagination of writers, film directors, creative people who were able to tell us a story in such a grand way.

Fascination about such a villain is not new, it is our human psyche that alerts us to our dangers. There have been in our history of brutal psychopathic villains, and there will be in the future. We know that women love the bad guys, see them lining up in front of prisons to meet their ‘sweetheart’, and now people from all ages and backgrounds is mesmerized by this fictional villain.

Thanos the name of such character, while operating in a distant galaxy still resembles a human form, a large dominant person, with menacing eyes, and a thick jaw, it has such incredible power that it can control the most powerful entity in the universe ‘infinity stones’. It is a representation of the most dominant alpha males in our society- leaders.

As the super villain is able to eliminate most of the hero’s and finish half the life from our universe we are forced to wonder what if such things can occur in our world. Although it is frightening to think about such dystopia, nature has unimaginable power in it’s arsenal from giant asteroids to powerful stars. With our species there are maniacs in our world who have the switch button with deadly weapons that can eliminate most life in our world.

Digital storytellers

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A new era of storytelling that was not in our world decades ago budding adventurers, thrill seekers, travelers, constantly use it. Whether it’s telling a story in their own backyard or in another continent, curiosity of the individual shows they are recording their diary in the form of video.

Roaming the world with a camera in their backpack, they themselves have become their own biographer. Narrating themselves, filming, travelling, producing and even being the actor for their cinema reel. Most commonly known as ‘vloggers’ whereas bloggers write their story in a digital diary, vloggers create videos in a digital space.

Personal video cameras were with us decades ago but it was mostly used by people for their own personal use, in some cases they would send their clips to media organizations. Now with the advent of digital platforms like video sharing sites, social media sites people can easily publish their clips for the world to see.

The most impressive aspect of this digital age is it allows individuals to not only publish their clips but to monetize it as well. Creators of the most successful broadcast can get income from the digital space, some of them are now permanently doing this as a profession. No one could have predicted that people will be making digital stories and make money out of it, which really shows us the bright future it may hold.

It’s important to remember that only the top content ‘producers’ get enough revenue which makes it their profession. Whether it’s blogging, photographing, video taping, the most popular ones are able to capture the market. However, this is a huge step forward from relying solely on publishing organizations to self publishing, it allows the voiceless to have a voice which they would never have had without such technology.

Storytellers were with us thousands of years ago it is the format of sharing stories that has changed. It is precisely due to storytellers that such civilization has formed, our culture, our history, our philosophy has been shaped by them. While we relied on narration from ear to ear, now we see it with our eyes easily accessible from the digital cloud.

Domesticated Sapiens

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It’s been a long grueling process for our path to become domesticated, lives have been lost, complex social structures were created, cultures and institutions were erected just so that our savage side can somehow be contained.

Shaping our behavior and actions were necessary not only for the well being of ourselves but to others around us. Not only did we socialize ourselves but we domesticated nature as well, with the advent of agriculture and farming we have changed the ecology of other living things around us.

Without such sophisticated socialization that we have undertook it is feared that our worst side would be ruling us all. From wars, homicide, destruction, to stealing, lying, manipulating such occurrences would be so common that it would appear to be as the norm.

Whenever there was a tyrannical person in a tribe who created havoc and problems the tribe got rid of that person. Fast forward today in our modern world any person that commits crimes is put into prison, that is society separating the criminal from the rest of the population. While we are nowhere near as perfection it is a gradual slow process like evolution to make the necessary changes in our culture to deal with such nuisances.

Agriculture and farming in our quest for easy food has actually made things far worse, not only from our health perspective but also from the environmental aspect of it. While we try to use the latest technologies to tinker with our ecosystem it has caused far more problems than resolved it. It should be noted that industrialized form of agriculture and livestock farming is a major problem not other forms.

We employ such a wide variety of our complex social structure to people that the list is exhausting, however the most common aspect of our social structure is education. Education is now institutionalized in our culture from the deserts of africa to the cold fringe regions of europe. From an early age children are curious about their environment and they learned from trial and error, with our complex society and large population we have made it into classrooms and buildings.

It’s not literacy that is the issue but the kind of literacy that is needed, education can be used for both knowledge or propaganda. With the empowerment of women in the whole world’s agenda it has been nothing short of disaster. It has completely turned the whole sexual marketplace upside down with uncontrolled hypergamy, educated women from the top institutions are running after the homicidal maniac locked in prison, or chasing after the guy in a Porsche.

There is no doubt that humans need to be domesticated, the question is what form of socialization is needed that can provide us with a stable, peaceful environment. Our wild savage side has always been with us but never been allowed to run amok society, and for good reasons. However, if the propaganda virus is spread across the world, then our worse fears would not be a nightmare but a reality.

Domestic Diet


Ever since our first step towards civilization it has always been about a better life, that is building shelter, having a group, a culture, and food. We not only sought a different structure but a different value that will make us a better version.

Our minds ever curious about reality while we tested our theory in virtual reality – imagination. It has been a safer road for us with the advent of agriculture no more dealing with vicious wild animals and risking injury or worse death. In essence we have been domesticating our diet to include new food that we were not accustomed to.

Domestication is an essential part of our history, our culture, behavior, values have all been domesticated. We no longer stand quiet while we see injustice, we no longer accept destructive people while we punish them. Humans like other complex primates have domesticated our selves, our genes, our culture and even our diet.

Hunting rather than gathering was a much more riskier proposition, but the rewards were worth it. Getting a successful hunt meant food for the entire tribe and very valuable nutrients. A risky operation walking long distances, having patience, stamina and strength to tactically hunt an animal required immense energy, that’s why men were responsible for it. Gathering was less risky but lacked nutrients, so the division of labor was formed for women to gather when there was no meat.

As humans started agriculture it shaped our environment differently, the land, food, our lifestyle completely altered. A different step from hunting working in the fields meant we were having new cultures, values, diets that altered our body and minds. With the new food source it has diluted our nutrients that we are usually accustomed to from meat, our genes haven’t adapted to the new landscape or the diet.

Fast forward today with new technologies and efficiency people are more fat and unhealthy than their ancestors from the past. Food processing, bulk refining with the industrial machinery has caused devastating consequences for our health and ultimately our psychology. Obviously it is an experiment that has gone horribly wrong in the quest for productivity and feeding the world, the standards have been so low that it shouldn’t even be considered ‘food’.

Much like the pursuit to ‘educate’ the world, the crusade to feed the world is going to be another disaster. With the large scale industrialization of our food sources means not only is it harmful for us but it’s harmful for the environment. Domesticating our diet hasn’t worked out for us, while new technology can be utilized to ensure people get the appropriate diet and nutrition and not ‘fake’ food.

Ivy hypergamy


Often times people ignore, dismiss, or make excuses for certain behaviors, behaviors that will shock anyone that sees it. Human sexual dynamics isn’t always roses and flowers it is a complex web of events that creates the bond between the two sexes.

When such raw face of human nature is confronted to the public people are most likely to be disgusted by such actions. So while most people often come up with numerous excuses of such behaviors they yet ignore the underlying layer of humans especially women. To them women are harmless innocent beings not capable of doing such things, therefore it is all the other things that is to blame but not their sweet beloved female.

While this was known among people, college students, groups, wealthy clubs it was mostly kept under the ‘rug’ so no such news can be out on the public. With the ever increasing access to the world, no such antics are kept hidden anymore. It really isn’t shocking to see when the top ivy league institutions have the most ‘women’ who are in this ‘sugar baby’ sexual game.

Typically most people blame ‘illiteracy’ ‘poverty’ stricken girls who are engaged in these kinds of behavior – basically providing sexual services in exchange for money. Now when the most literate top students from ivy leagues are engaged in the same deal that women and men have been doing for millennia most people are dumbfounded.

Whether’s it’s some poverty stricken place or the halls of campuses women will do what naturally comes to them. While it is claimed that the rise of college ‘tuition’ is the factor behind their ‘harlotry’ it is not the main reason. We despite our sophistication, culture are also animals deep down, it is the basic instinct our nature which rules over us. Women want to be associated with men who are at the top of the social hierarchy, thereby the wealthiest men are romancing the most hottest young students.

While most people, government, globalists are screaming at the top of their lungs for the need to ‘educate’ the world – what really is it accomplishing. If making children literate means abandoning their culture, values, norms for globalists norms then is it really a blessing or a curse.