Forest Guardians


It is estimated that most of the biodiversity areas on the planet are inhabited by indigenous people. No matter which part of the world one goes if one sees any tribal people living with harmony in nature they will see the flourishing environment filled with animals and trees.

A culture passed down through evolution, practiced and tested across millions of years, the results speak for themselves. It’s not that humans are separate from nature they are part of nature, and there are still people in this world that know how to thrive within nature, not against it.

Working in perfect symphony with all the birds and bees, the ants and trees humans have figured out their role in the complex organism of the forest. Maintaining the ecological balance by consuming the right amount of resources as well as protecting the blooming of other plants and animals. It is like looking at a heavenly paradise when one experiences such sight in our modern life far removed from the concrete jungle.

Humans have thrived in such environment and they had come up with a system whereby they can work in perfect harmony with not only other animals but other tribes as well. Each tribe having their own territory ensured the resources were maintained within the ecological balance of their own territory. Other tribes cannot just barge into another territory and keep devouring the resources, respecting other property was crucial. Property rights is not a modern invention but rather it was practiced millions of years ago, not only unique to humans.

The biggest obstacle that indigenous people are facing is the lack of their property rights, they haven’t evolved with our changing culture and are left behind. Pressure of commercialization and the state interference means most of their territory are being taken over by other interest groups denying their land. Tribal people lack understanding legislation and communicating with the outside world to ensure that they are the owners of the land.

Since tribes know the best and the most effective way of governing forests they rightly deserve to be the owners of their ancestral land. Foreign invaders colluding with a corrupted state have ensured that tribes are robbed of their land. It is important for any society, country, nation to have a fair judicial system that can bring justice and peace to our world.

In light of the ‘conservation’ efforts being undertaken in most countries, they fail to realize that such conservation work were already being practiced by indigenous people. To ensure a bio-diverse world filled with animals and species of every kind it’s important to first correct our own societies structure. A structure that respects peoples property, their right to freedom, and their safety are three of the most important concepts that humanity needs to understand and implement quickly to ensure a bright future.


Devils advocate


Whenever people hear about them, fear grips them, anger and animosity is directed at them. It’s as if people are referring to scums of this planet, outright liars, greedy mongrel, manipulative deceptive psychopaths, or as a movie refers to them – the ‘devil’s advocate’.

There are plenty of reasons why people have such grave concerns about ‘lawyers’ a profession unlike any other that exists. Other sectors also have such issues but it’s a different aspect in the context of our complex civilization. People’s concern about lawyers is making ‘money’ or profiteering from the tragedy of society, but that can be seen in other sectors as well, the financial as well as medical sector are notorious for doing this.

Concern about our social harmony lies with what is ‘moral’, should a lawyer represent a criminal and manipulate the legal system to free the client, or should the lawyer make a decision to not partake in this matter. However, it’s not fair to blame such decisions on the shoulders of only attorneys, but such responsibility lies in the judicial system, which includes judges, jury, legislation, and all other people associated with it.

Such anger and animosity are misdirected towards the ‘indirect’ representative of such horrendous legislation, people should be more angry towards the state, the politicians, members of the judicial branch that make such laws. Not only is the state involved with the complexity of our laws they also pass new ones to make its citizens lives as miserable as possible.

Enacting such laws that benefit the state and all it’s apparatus are the angst of the public but directed towards ‘lawyers’. They like any other industry need the government to make money, they profit from crimes, they gain by creating misery for citizens, the more problems society has the better it is for lawyers, judges, police, and politicians.

It’s not that people don’t like laws they want the right kind of laws. Defining the right kind is itself based on interpretations, however the civil society needs to be very clear and precise in it’s words so that it can be easily understood by anyone. Allowing the state to make bad policy decisions, bring in new legislation, enact terrible regulations are actually the real cause of such misery.

Solutions to our problems can only come from within ourselves, by observing nature and see how the laws of nature govern themselves could provide us a clue. It is a constant battle the public and the state apparatus is in, preventing the state from violating an individuals freedom should be the most important aspect for society. Expressing our angst towards the soldiers is in no way going to solve the problem.

Collective minds


When people think they we can all work as a collective unit as one gigantic group, they fail to recognize how such actions will work. They are limited in their vision, conception, and understanding about human nature. It’s extremely important not only for the public but intellectuals as well to thoroughly look at the plan and its outcome.

Humans throughout most of our history relied on their tribe which consisted of their family members, and extended members to work together to get things done. Whether it was going for hunting, or for gathering, even to make tools and construct houses a team was involved. Usually no more than fifty people were in the tribe, each tribe differed from geography, culture, but it’s safe to presume no tribe consisted of more than a hundred people.

This past of ours are still in our ingrained minds and therefore the reason we cling on to such ‘collectivist’ mindset. Considering our environment, culture, and life was so different from our modern civilization that such group mindset doesn’t work out in our complex society. Our society now consists of thousands of strangers if not millions, which makes such collectivist concepts even more difficult to implement.

When people, societies, nations implement such ‘collective’ ownership of their institutions they fail to realize the ideas never work in practice. As humans are individuals we have no collective minds, nor do we behave in such conformity. Eventually it ends up being owned by people, people who are working for the state, it is logistically impossible for the whole society to ‘own’ an institution.

As the state becomes in charge of industries and institutions they are the only entity that is the sole owner. It ultimately leads to a tyrannical entity, where no competition exists, no checks and balances, no accountability, where a monolithic monopoly has sprung up. Sure people can show their joy or anger towards the state but it’s not as effective in dealing with human needs as efficiently as the free market is.

Fear of other people’s greed and the lack of hindsight to clearly understand our ideas had made people apprehensive towards private entities and rather hand it to the state. Denying the individual, people from different backgrounds, with variety of ideas to contribute in making our society better is the tragedy of humans. Intellectuals have failed to take into account the vastness of cooperation, innovation and efficiency that results if people are given individual freedom.

Philosophers, intellectuals, thinkers have not accurately pointed out the problems in collectivists ideas in most parts of the world. They haven’t been able to articulate and express the magic that happens when people cooperate as the individual is given their right to produce truly wonders. That is not to say there shouldn’t be any role in state affairs as their primary responsibility is to ensure the protection of people’s rights and safety.

Earth home


Earth provides us with all the tools and necessities that all animals need from food to objects it has a wide variety of resources. One such resource is clay that humans have used ever since tools were needed. It is another efficient resource that has allowed people to build the future they want.

Using clay to build a home is nothing new, people have been doing so ever since the dawn of civilization. Even today not only can we see such spectacle in rural areas but it has also been adopted recently in modern societies. It is not only one of the most environmentally friendly but it is also one of the most energy efficient in terms of construction, costs, and time.

A flexible substance that allows people to build any structure that they can imagine, and then it dries up to form the solid structure that was envisioned. Bringing ancient knowledge with science and integrating them has produced truly stunning works that couldn’t have been conceived before. It is superior than existing concrete structures as it is better adapted to hot and humid climates, it requires less energy and resources, not to mention no pollution.

Most people can construct it very easily as the material is abundant and it costs way less than any concrete homes, a perfect solution for minimalism. As more people realize the costs and burden humans have put on the environment we only need to look at our past to find solutions. Solutions that had existed before only to be proven by science and integrating both to bring out the best. Shifting our lives from nature into the concrete jungle has made us long to feel the earth.

Earth homes are not only the most efficient of all other homes in every shape and form, but they are also a spectacle to look at. With new design technology it can be built in the classic dome shape or any other shape that one wants. It’s material glows in the sun and creates a natural lighting indoors, as it fulfills the need to connect to nature.

Beautiful hands


Hands moving with precision, gripping her marker like an artist she adjusts the tool to visualize her concept. It’s a work her hands had physically done to materialize the vision into producing a stunning artwork.

Conceptualizing an idea, a vision, a thought into one’s mind by observing reality is like putting ones thoughts temporarily into a memory only to be processed from the mind into the hands. Such complexity that humans are able to think of and produce the work is truly a miracle.

Incredible complexity of our reality to be visualized and to be put on an object that captures the vision precisely is another wonder of our species. Our most coveted tool to produce such work comes from the hands, an incredible mastery that we can put it to use practically, where our vision comes to reality.

As one hand holds the incredible artwork another one takes the picture that shows the vision. Not only does the picture show the reality in the background, it incorporates that vision into an object like the paper. Finally it also shows us the crafty beautiful hands that made such vision into physical work, the precise finger movement needed to adjust the markers, the hand producing her thoughts by pinpoint accuracy.

Her blue and white color watch matches with her fair palm and her blue nail polish. Her colorful hands compliments with her colorful work, both producing a colorful reaction to the viewer. It’s as if her hands are expressing emotions to the beholder that not only it’s her work that is an art but her gorgeous hands are as well. It makes the viewer want to hold her hands to express gratitude towards such both wonders of beauty.


aerial photo of city street and buildings
Photo by Deva Darshan on

An important aspect of civilization is to have the proper framework to allow people to explore their environment and to survive and thrive in it. As a human body needs a skeleton to maintain a frame and body structure so is a societies infrastructure that is needed to operate in this world.

Any prosperous society needs to have the right groundwork in order to function efficiently, whether it’s having high quality roads, traffic signals and signage, enforcing law and order. These are basic yet complex aspects that needs to operate optimally or else society falls to chaos. In places where there is either resource limitations or geographical isolation innovation and foreign investment is critical to construct it’s framework.

Building the groundwork is a complex undertaking whether it’s constructing roads, footpaths, traffic signals, signage, it is a lot of work for any organization. In situations where there is resource limitations innovation becomes critical, in countries where there are plenty of resources but lack the initiative to construct, freedom is necessary. The main issue that can be seen from ‘developing’ nations is most of their ‘framework’ and complexity is being undertaken by the state.

The only outcome that comes from ‘nationalized’ institutions is inefficiency, there is no room for new ideas, they lack the framework to implement and maintain standards, they can’t innovate and ultimately become bureaucratic and corrupt. People rather than the ‘state’ is better at managing, building and maintaining such critical groundwork.

When people are given the freedom to innovate, new ideas and solutions emerge from the free market of ideas. It is from other organizations whether its private enterprises, non government organizations, and people coming from different institutions it is where the ‘market of ideas’ emerge. It is when people are left alone and no institutions is trying to police them that people can come together and solve complex problems.

Despite the mountain of evidence that has allowed free people to build such wonders for civilization, there are those who are delusional enough to give such complex undertaking to only one organization – the government. They expect the state to handle every sector whether it’s building the infrastructure, transportation, power and water utility, police force, judicial structure, social welfare, financial system, and regulate industries.

Handling so many sectors and activities by giving the responsibility to the state is a sure way for a collapse to occur. It isn’t rocket science to figure out that such important activities and responsibilities should be given to the people where a ‘free market’ of ideas is better equipped in handling so many sectors. People expect to be given the freedom and security to operate in this world, and if the only thing that the state should do is to ensure the safety and security of the individual then that would be enough for a prosperous society.