People love to hear stories, especially when it's the main character that is going against all odds, miraculously turning the situation to defeat the villain. There is this deep rooted sense of hero's and villains it's like we are geared towards the characters that is easily identified. At our present day we no longer see … Continue reading Superhero


One thing that most people in our world, especially in our modern era are fixated upon is wealth. Wealth represents resources, resources that are essential for survival it is deeply ingrained within us, our fixation has turned into an obsession. Recently there were some publicly known billionaires who have gone to space and predictably most … Continue reading Stories

Football Festival

Sports invoke diverse emotions, a sport like football has such enormous fans, emotions, energy unlike any other. It has devout followers across the world, like a big carnival, festival, a spectacle to witness feeding on the energy generated by such events. Often we wonder about how such events gather such emotion, emotions that make followers … Continue reading Football Festival

Man & Machine

Our use of tools dates back from a very long time, from the days of using stone tools to now sitting in a room using a computer mouse, the tools are vastly different yet resemble alike. It can be assumed that the vast majority of people in this world use some form of machine, whether … Continue reading Man & Machine