In the world of the western hemisphere we are bombarded with the most bizarre and ridiculous stories that humanity ever hears of. It's as if a species with infections that are spreading to the rest of the world, almost like aliens their antics and behavior are. Here the story itself becomes the story, there is … Continue reading Bananas

Living for self or others

There is an unprecedented transition occurring in our civilization although its impact cannot be measured yet it has no doubt changed the very fabric of society. Society goes under constant changes due to natural or human impact, however this change will have social, economical and political impacts beyond what could be imagined. One thing that … Continue reading Living for self or others


Concept of school is still a relatively new term, even though we are habituated with it. Most learning centers are the result of of a modern civilization where numerous skill sets are required to run and operate our complex modern machinery. While there were 'educational' institutions thousands of years ago, they were mainly as a … Continue reading Nurturing

Cardinal Rule

In life there are stages beginning till the end, this can be observed in all living things, plants and trees, to bees and beasts. This can also be seen in civilizations, there are stages in them from start to finish. This tells us a trajectory of the future, are all civilizations bound for the same … Continue reading Cardinal Rule