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A controversial topic among intellectuals some are vehemently against such ideas while others see the need for it. One of the costs of society is it looses its past, it’s history, it’s wisdom; society believes it is now in a more superior state not realizing the chaos that will befall upon them.

In civilizations that had experienced such prosperity is where new beliefs take place such as secularism. Prosperity, civilization glory, technological advances has made them believe in new frontiers, new beliefs, new religions. At present it is what has been anticipated by brilliant thinkers.

Fundamental question that arises from such discussions is the mere fact the need for people to have ‘faith’ ‘belief’ in subjects. Whether the subject is of this world, or a fiction, whether it is for an idea, or against an idea. There is this biological aspect of our human minds to aspire to know the ‘unknown’ to believe in something that cannot be believed. Even the very people who are strict ‘rationalists’ have such belief in their own subject matter ‘rationalism’ to which that they don’t even recognize.

When intellectuals blame those who believe in ‘irrationality’ the question then becomes defining ‘irrationality’ or to put it differently why do people believe in irrational subjects. Surely evolution must have designed such aspects of our mind to benefit ourselves, or there wouldn’t have been such traits in our dna.

Humans have a need to believe in something to dedicate their life into. To carry out its code of conducts, to have meaning in their life. Eliminating traditional ‘religion’ has severe consequences for society, as it gave birth to new religions. From marxism, feminism, veganism, transgenderism, futurism, and postmodernism has opened up a whole host of ‘irrational’ beliefs. Such new secular religions have only sprung up lately within just a couple of decades a consequence for our civilization glory.

Replacing wisdom with curiosity hasn’t been the best move from our current zeitgeist. It is as a culture who felt that they are really smart to replace ancient ideas, wisdom that has stood for thousands of years, they maybe smart but they were not wise. When we see ‘rationale’ people try to make sense of the lunacy of new ‘beliefs’ they themselves have been blind to what our minds crave for, and therefore do not have any practical solutions to our current dilemma.

To believe in the future, is to try to know the unknown, to discover the undiscovered – which is the basis for our belief. It is what has been produced for thousands of years and is the reason why we are all here, the wealth that we have accumulated, the rich culture that we all cherish. This is what evolution has produced, it will not be wise to remove such traits from our past, present or the future.



Skin in the Game

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As the two athletes swing their fists, sweat pouring down from their skin, tired and yet thinking how they are going to defeat their opponent. They are the ones who truly understand the gravity of the situation they are in. It’s not the commentators, or the crowds watching the match, nor is any person that isn’t in the ring facing the music.

Living in a world where such powers exist designed by our civilization it has rather been a debacle for society. Much like the fight, other than the two boxers in the ring no one else has such stake in the fight. Fans, pundits, can make as much criticism as they want, they can offer advice to athletes but it’s of no value. Unless someone who has been in the ring, fought battles, knows the sport only they can truly understand the situation because they have ‘skin in the game‘.

This aspect can be taken across various fields and sectors where it’s easy to understand why people make such decisions for others and they face no consequences for it. It’s similar to pundits who give advice to boxers; they are not the ones who are going to be facing the music, the boxers face severe consequences while the pundit doesn’t. This is why bureaucrats, can send other peoples children to battle while they and their own children are far removed from the horrors of war.

Similar to politicians, most professors in academia give such nonsense advice. If an academic has no ‘practical’ feedback from the ‘real world’ they face no consequences but rather it is the unfortunate students who do. What do most academics teach students – to give more power and control to the folks holding a gun. Had academia been tuned to face the music of ‘reality’ they would have taught students the complete opposite.

As pointed out in the book ‘Skin in the game’ by Nassim Nicholas Taleb such rash decisions can only be taken by people who don’t have to face the consequences. Even in the earliest point of civilization ‘Hammurabi’ had a code that dealt with people who make bad decisions, his method to prevent abuse – consequences. Warmongers cannot send other peoples children to battle, unless they or their own children are on the battlefield and have to face such consequences.

Marvel visionary

A visionary creating immaculate artwork, a trendsetter, a cultural phenomenon. Producing some of the most creative storytelling, the world had ever seen. It is a rarity to come upon such geniuses, because not everyone can bring such value to so many people. 

Creative geniuses of our time seems to have appeared all around the world around the mid twentieth century. It was the time of innovative creations, monumental works, a step towards a brighter future. What could be said as the ‘golden’ stage of humanity, the post industrial stage, where humanity was reaping the fruits of our industrial labor to carve out a path for our legacy. 

There are a million different factors of not only the person but the environmental situations that can only be predicted but never be replicated. Out of this time comes an artist, a storyteller, a creative force unlike anyone had ever seen. It was the time when people were reaching for the sky, from automobiles to airplanes, telephones to satellites, indeed a special time to be witnessing such monumental wonders of civilization. 

Great storytellers know what appeals to the human psyche, it was what other artists have learned to do so successfully. They appeal to the human imagination, the curiosity, the adventure, the good and bad times, and this is what Stan Lee was able to do with such vigor. 

It takes brilliant minds and innovative thinkers to come up with such characters that makes people awestruck. His brilliance was in the delivery of of such stories, always having the good and evil balanced simultaneously, as well as showing the flaws and superpowers of the archetypal hero. Such is the legacy of his works, that today it is now a multi billion dollar creative industry.  

Our world in many ways has gone ‘off the road’, and people are still trying to figure out the reasons for it. Since the mid 20th century there have been no major innovations, no monumental works, no such creative geniuses. There is no way to turn back the clock, the past is gone, holding on to it will not bring back the glory days. It may need someone who can show us our future, someone with a vision, a great thinker, someone with a marvel idea. 

Creativity Unleashed


A craftsman working diligently his eyes on the subject, every millimeter expressing the immaculate lines from the model. His hands almost touching the gorgeous skin only to be focused on the paper, the sensual subject is now the object of his creation.

Artists need to visualize the subject that they need to express themselves with, often times the subject can be imagined; however in most cases the real life visual is the most appropriate. Looking at the visual wonder – a living breathing work of art has more creative influences for the beholder. No longer needing to imagine, nor relying only on the picture but having the ‘art’ in the moment creates all kinds of variables that cannot otherwise be there.

In most cases when sketching people, mostly it is women who are chosen looking at a gorgeous beautiful women explains itself. The intricate lines they possess all over the body, the shape of every beautiful parts, from head to toe is a wonder and thereby they are more difficult to sketch, a challenge for artists. For the artist being in such physical presence of beauty will overwhelm the senses it creates more interests, ideas, and inspiration to express themselves in many ways.

When such beauty is in the presence of artists, they unleash the creative potential from them, they begin to be more focused on the task at hand, they feel the smell, the person in their presence that has bestowed upon them the duty to express her beauty. Producing wonderful art work in not only sketching, but across so many other fields.


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With so much technology also arises a host of nuisance for humanity. Humanity has no doubt benefited from the prosperity that our technical excellence has provided, but there is always a cost associated with it. It doesn’t matter whatever this world has bestowed on us, there is always a cost to anything that exists in it.

One nuisance that has risen over the last decade is the practice of ‘catfishing’ which is commonly found across social media. Some people pretend to be someone else in order to protect their personal identity, while others pretend for the sake of pretending to be like another person.

Such deceptive adaptation in our history may have played a part for our survival however like many of our other traits, it is an obstacle for our prosperity. With new technologies people can interact with anyone around the world, using multiple different personalities that doesn’t reflect themselves. People who pretend to be another person usually do it for their own hideous desires whether it’s to scam someone, for mate poaching, to find out about other people’s personal lives.

While there are others doing it for completely different reasons, the lack of privacy on social media means people can easily find out personal details about people without their consent. To protect ones privacy people have been using avatars, pseudo names, in order to remain anonymous from the world of online media.

Such adaptations can be both a blessing and a curse, it can protect us from potential danger or it itself can be the danger. Like anything in this world, there is a cost to our actions, gravity is costly, life is costly. Question remains, how much benefit are we getting in exchange for the costs, most people seem to hide the costs associated with our prosperity, others haven’t yet figured out what the true costs are. It’s high time that humans reflect on the whole debt to society for the benefits they cherish, or it will become the most costly aspect they ignore.

Trapped in space

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The pitch black darkness surrounds earth, the grey surface reflecting the mood of the place. A sense of isolation, fear, a dark force enters the mind, putting it an unease, something tells it that we don’t belong here, we shouldn’t stay here, we long to go back to our home.

Even though every inch of a human body doesn’t belong in such a place, yet everywhere we seem to be fascinated by space. Constant rhetoric from loud mouths is the ’emergency’ to explore our universe to settle in other parts of the galaxy. Nothing new from greedy hobbyists who seek to visit places on the tab of other people’s money.

Narrative of the ‘apocalypse’ to sell space exploration has served the narcissists interests, convincing the masses that we need to migrate to other planets as we are out of time to save ours. Curiosity of our mind also plays into exploring unknown frontiers; while unknown to us the darkness in our motivation, our intent, beyond what we can ever conceptualize.

Let’s consider that people are living in some kind of ‘star trek’ time, exploring galaxies, taken to extreme points of our universe, the question is what’s the point. It appears the journey is itself pointless going everywhere and going nowhere; the darkness of space surrounding life, the mission unknown the goal not achieved.

What can our minds take, can we change our structure to live completely different lives, what’s the point of all this. Getting on a space ship to go to different planets, taking so much capital and resources only to find pleasure in the ‘view’, spending so much of our time and lives to reach no point, looking for answers and meaning that we don’t know or understand.

Instead of asking the right questions, we are spending our immense resources and capital to fund explorations that are pointless, meaningless, for the majority of people. Such resources and capital could be better spent on resolving the problems on our own planet, understanding about earth, our resources, our minds. If the greedy hobbyists want to go on pointless missions let them do so on their own wallet, not use such precious resources from our planet and its people; let them live in another planet a better solution for humanity.

We are made to live here, every inch of our body designed and perfected to do such actions. Our minds seek to learn, gather knowledge, operating within boundaries, needing meaning and ambition to live our lives. Hence it is such a time in our history that philosophy is so crucial for humanity, it is the ideas, concepts the blueprint for living our lives.

Space can be explored but it needs to be done very carefully, opening the doors to a flood of ethical, moral, social issues which is yet to be answered. The only tactic that’s been used is the ‘fear’ mongering which in itself is flawed. Exploring the vastness of space needs to be within a boundary, otherwise the whole concept is pointless, it is meaningless, forever trapping our mind in the dark, vast, coldness of space.