Civilization glory


There are people who think they are the pinnacle of all creation, they are at the center of the universe, that everything it has accomplished even a god would bow down to them.

Such is the attitude among most people here in this world, but it’s a different among the people who are still on the fringes of society. Barely scrapping by as the massive appetite of the locusts who keep devouring and taking whatever it comes its way. Even among intellectuals who are studying and researching there are those who have partisan viewpoints as written in this article.

Having contempt for the life of the hunter-gatherer the author pointed out a number of issues relating to their culture. There are indeed some valid points which has been often ignored by other academics, but the premise of the content is of disgust towards the lifestyle they had. Ignoring much thorough research and critical analysis by anthropologists such as Marshall Sahlins, the author gave distorted facts which is open to interpretation.

Some valid points that haven’t been elaborated by other scientists such as tribal warfare, infanticide, gender inequality are fair points but in the whole context of the life of hunter-gatherer it was suggested that modern civilization is far better off. Well, aside from the fact we are plagued with pollution, pesticide, traffic jams, car crashes, state brutality, financial slavery, cancer, drug addicts, obesity then I guess civilization is better.

If people were having difficulties with food shortages, then what’s the benefit of food surplus when obesity kills far more people today than it did in primitive era. Perhaps nature intended that the natural cycle of food availability coincides with the population and ecological balance it needs to have. If people were lacking severely for food then there wouldn’t be any people left, they would have been extinct a long time ago, but alas here we are. With food surplus we get a culture of constant eating, this resulted an epidemic of obesity, where people suffer due to complications from their body.

On the topic of homicide and infanticide people at that time were just like any complex animal defending their territory from outsiders. Defending one’s territory ensured that the other group doesn’t devour all the resources it has thus maintaining a balance with the population. It was often disabled children or girls that were the victims of infanticide, taking care of disabled children is far more costly in harsh conditions, girls were killed because they need more resources and increased the population. Having more men and fewer girls ensured the population will be kept stable.

At our present time this sounds horrifying to many, but our civilization isn’t doing that great on the violence sector. Most urban cities are highly overcrowded, having so many people crowded in cities has resulted in large crime rates, not to mention the police brutalizing citizens, large number of drug addicts, and numerous deaths from road vehicles.

Looking at our present state and comparing it to primitive societies one can play the blame game in different ways. Sure there have been lot’s of luxuries but is it really making that much difference, a band of men going to hunt is just as excited as people going to a party. It’s not that we shouldn’t embrace the developments, but utilizing our knowledge and tools to better our lives also means learning about our past, and finding out the objective truth is what really matters.


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