Bad Blood


Intensity to compete, outperform, outsmart, beat ones opponent can come at a high cost. Like tournament species such desire to ascend to the top has its pitfalls, it has both physical and mental costs, causalities for competition.

In sports, arts, or any other field there is this intense desire to battle one another to achieve being the winner. There are various ways people have been playing this game, it comes in a variety of different ways, it could be through fighting, running, producing or a myriad of different activities people undertake.

Most activities have some top performers who are able to outwit their opponents, they remain dominant in their position. Once they are confident over their position then they become overconfident, they become very egotistic, they often go over the edge at the euphoria of beating others.  Feeling invincible and being on the top leads to power.

Power itself can become corrupt if it’s given too much, those who are at top of the hierarchy frequently abuse their power. Any egomaniac that falls under such environment will go over the edge quickly, their abuse of power will be their downfall. They become reckless, chaotic, almost out of control loosing their sanity.

Even though most people can recognize the errors of their judgement, see the faults and begin to resolve their issues, for the egomaniac it is a one way street to destruction. From their seat at the top, where they have been able to dominate and keep their power, they however quickly fall down being reduced to rubble.

It is not just the structure of hierarchy that can bring out the abuse of power, but there are certain people who are a cause for trouble irrespective of their position. Whether they are scrapping for trash or holding a powerful position they will seek to self destruct not only others but to themselves.


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